Types of Personal Injury Cases

L1.PNGPersonal injury law refers to the legal remedies and defenses involved in the civil lawsuits that come as a result of wrongful conduct. The misconduct in personal injury, also known as tort action in law, does not involve the government prosecuting the defendant but only fights for the plaintiff to be compensated. Personal injury cases, therefore, arise when an individual known as the plaintiff suffers harm due to an accident or gets injured due to another person’s carelessness or fault. The law of tort, therefore, ensures that the victim gets their compensation due to inconveniences that result from other peoples negligence or intentional acts.click here to get started
The medical malpractice arises in cases where doctors or any other health practitioners fail to deliver proper customer service which in turn results in the death or injury of the client. The plaintiff when injured or their family in cases where death occurs sue the personnel responsible for the complaint and claim to be compensated.The car accidents are first and common types of personal injury cases. When drivers fail to follow the traffic rules carefully, they can result in road accidents. The car driver in the case of an accident is usually held responsible for any harm resulting from the accident. The drivers can only be set free in exceptional cases like the no-fault states or where the defendants have to collect from their insurers.  Visit here to learn more.

The slip and fall cases are another common types of personal injury plaintiffs in most workplaces today. The company management has a legal duty to protect their employees from safety hazards such as broken window panes, worn out carpets, hanging curtains, slippery floors among others.The working environment should be clean, orderly and free from any hazards that may be a risk to employee safety. Any accidents and injuries that result from the above-stated factors or any other similar situation become a liability since the victim has to be compensated according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA).

Defamation of one’s character through libel or slander is also another form of personal injury. The act may result in the victim suffering shame due to false statements that in the long run damage the name, brand or reputation. The law requires that the plaintiff proves the false accusations or statements and the level of harm that comes with the act.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lawyer

Other kinds of personal injury cases are dog bites where the dog owners are held responsible for the bites and assault, battery and any other intentional torts that may cause harm to an individual.